About The Collection

Laura Boudreau Jewellery

About The Collection

Jewellery inspired by ironwork.

I am inspired by ironwork as an aesthetic for jewellery because it can be seen as both masculine and feminine in its properties; its feminine curvature and dainty patterns are both challenged and complimented by its strength and permanence.

The Signature Collection explores historical ornamentation and the interactions between tradition and innovation.  The concept of femininity and its place alongside artistic motif drives my process, resulting in a stylistic revival that challenges its own origin. I achieve this by reviving traditional design elements and techniques, through modern practice, into jewellery that is inspired by the past and relevant in the present.

My design process begins with inspiration, usually from antique metalwork, architecture or machinery. I spend time reducing what I see into its simplest form, and from there it evolves into something new. I have created the entire collection from a single simplified scrollwork element that is a common repeating pattern in ironwork that has ecolved over the centuries.

My patina is comes from the natural process that ages metal, called oxidation or tarnish – the darkening of the surface that is part of the allure of antique metal is what gives it the dramatic look that highlights the details.  For both aesthetic and practical reasons, I age the metal in the way it would naturally occur over time, so it will need minimal attention to maintain.

You can also find my work across New Brunswick at Gallery 78 in Fredericton, Handworks Gallery in Saint John, and at AX, the Arts and Culture Centre of Sussex

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